After Masters studies in Computer Science in Paris and a PhD in Artificial Intelligence focused on cognitive science, intrinsic motivations & robotics, I moved to New York City in 2012 to conduct academic research in behavioral psychology & neuroscience at Columbia University.

In 2015, I joined Google New York City (Google London in 2019) to drive human, strategic equity-centered design research, prototyping & data-driven processes across Google’s Corporate Engineering and Physical Architecture teams. My projects span from a quantifying and improving employee motivation & productivity, to ensuring Google’s physical and digital, AI-assisted collaborative spaces are inclusive and equitable. Through those projects, I worked on ensuring rigorous prototyping and validation of product ideas through clear protocols and community input. I have been a strong horizontal advocate to involve underrepresented groups in early research and design work within engineering cultures. I also specialized on training and advising multiple internal startups how to prototype and build data-driven processes to ensure discovery and validation of new, innovative product ideas.

I believe in the need to deeply understand systemic problems by studying people, impacted communities and societal contexts to build solutions that are right. Through foundational research and prototyping, I help cross-functional organisations rehearse the future and validate that solutions will really meet the needs of people.

My projects extend from humans to technology. I have built experiential, in-person, life size physical prototypes, digital prototypes and augmented reality to simulate the impact of future services and products. I conduct qualitative and quantitative research, from participatory research with communities to simulations, ground truth creation and intricate data analytics. With a PhD in AI and hired originally as a full stack software engineer at Google, I adapt to learning and using the right set of tools to get the job done. Those include traditional engineering languages & software (E.g. Python, Javascript, Matlab, Unity 3D, Unreal Engine), physical prototyping (foam boards, projectors, working with industrial design contractors & architects to build simulations & build pilots) & UX Design prototyping (e.g. paper, Figma, Framer, Axure) and Experiential prototyping.